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About Us

We are a Spanish firm offering purchase management optimisation and negotiation solutions to both buyers and suppliers.

Our mission is to make management simpler by offering e-commerce solutions to companies and helping them optimise savings through electronic negotiations.


We started operating back in 2000, on the initiative of three of the leading companies in Spain: BBVA, Telefónica and Repsol.

Since then, we have optimised purchase and negotiation processes, offering e-commerce and online negotiation solutions, to more than 60,000 suppliers.

Information Security and Business Continuity

Adquira, as a providing e-Procurement, electronic invoicing and services specialized in purchasing management company, is aware of the importance of Information Security, Availability and Business Continuity of the services provided to its clients and shareholders.

To satisfy the demands required in these areas, Adquira's Senior Management has established a permanent commitment to continuous improvement with a series of principles that guide our activity and processes, which are included in our Information Security and Business Continuity Policy.

This Policy meets the requirements established in the Information Security standards UNE EN ISO 27001 and in the business continuity management systems defined according to the UNE EN ISO 22301 standard, as well as in all current applicable legislation.

Adquira has implemented Management Systems that follow the principles defined in this Policy, and standards, which guarantee our commitment to Information Security and Business Continuity.

If you required more information and were interested in knowing more details about our Information Security and Business Continuity Policy or any of our Management Systems, you can contact us at