Customers Access


We offer a bidding solution including a wide variety of options: open tenders, closed tenders, collective and individual bidding, cost-based bidding, rate- or price-based bidding, information requesting, etc.

Adapt your e-sourcing or strategic procurement projects to the good or service you need and the size of your business.


An opportunity to take your steps in e-commerce by bidding for specific goods or services.

With this service, you can find reliable suppliers to meet the product or service needs you may have as a supplier.

Through negotiations you can:

  • Save company money in the short term by reducing the time used and the effort made.
  • Get personalised advice from professionals in the sector, bespoke reports and/or internal audits.
  • Streamline and optimise processes, reducing bidding times by 5% to 10%.
  • Adjusting to all kinds of purchase processes.
  • Compare offers.
  • Have access to your bidding records and forms.