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"Crea y Crece" Law: the mandatory B2B electronic invoice in Spain

The entry into force of Law 18/2022 Creación y Crecimiento de Empresas: from October 19, 2022, has made the use of electronic invoicing in a structured format mandatory for all companies and self-employed workers.

Once the regulation is released, companies with an annual turnover of more than 8 million euros will have 1 year to adapt to the law and regulations, while companies with less than 8 million euros will have 2 years.

In addition, since 2015, it is mandatory to send invoices to Public Administrations in an electronic invoice format. Through Adquira’s solution, you will be able to comply with all current regulations, approved as a Billing Service Provider by the FACe portal.

How can Adquira help me? Don't wait for the regulation’s approval, Adquira can now become your global billing platform (both for issuing and receiving):

  • Invoice issuance: Currently, e-Invoices can be issued through a simple interface to any of the 70,000 registered companies, as well as to any external recipient. And if the volume of invoices were high, we would advise you at no cost to make a direct interconnection between systems quickly and easily
  • Invoice reception: Our service now allows you to receive, manage and download all invoices, as well as inform suppliers of their status.

Get a head start and bill any company with Adquira for 125€ a year! We already have more than 70,000 companies registered. Join us now!

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